How to Order

Ordering a Growing Pet Patch®, Fresh Salad Greens, and Pet supplies is easy! Select multiple quantities or 4 week subscriptions and receive substantial discounts!

First, check out our Delivery Area map.

If you’re in our Delivery Area, or live in one of our selected Highrises, just choose and click on the products you want, and they’ll be delivered straight to your door.

When ordering through us, be sure to include any special delivery instructions; Name of the contact person, color of the door, knock or ring, etc. We will confirm orders through email. Neighborhood deliveries will be left at the door unless otherwise specified. Orders will have a delivery charge added. Pet products and delivery charges will have sales tax added. We reserve the right to refuse or delay any delivery based on inadequate instructions, access, location, stock, etc. Refunds will be subject to Pay Pal’s service charge.

If you are out of our Delivery Area, Click on one of the links below to order through Good Eggs or Farmers Web!

Home Deliveries in Brooklyn

Wholesale deliveries in the Metro Area

360 Furman St.

We deliver to 360 Furman St.

Highrise Pet Supplies:
“Grown by Hand, Delivered by Foot!”