Press at the Union Square Market

Here’s a film crew doing an interview at the Union Square Farmer’s Market.
Austrian Press

Austrian Press

Heritage Radio Appearance

Here’s a link to an interview I did on “The Farm Report,” a Heritage Radio program broadcast out of Bed-Stuy.

The Farm Report Interview

Thanks Erin!

Guinea Pigs are all over the Wheatgrass

Guinea Pigs and Wheatgrass

These pigs know a good thing when they eat it!

Izzy loves his Grass!

Izzy is the farm cat. Here he chows down on some of Brooklyn’s Best Wheatgrass.

Dogs + Grass

Dogs love Wheatgrass! Here’s three little guys, living large and on the go with their very own Pet Patch®!

WNYC appearance

Here’s a link to an interview I did with Amy Eddings for WNYC radio.

Last Chance Foods Interview

Amy and Joy were lovely, there’s an audio file and video clip attached to the webpage.

Slow Mo Greens Grow

Here’s a cool video of the Wheatgrass and Salad Greens growing in slow motion. Slow Motion Video